Signs of a sound Adviser

What We Don’t Do

› We don’t accept payment, fees or other bonuses to invest in certain products or securities.

› We don’t charge a performance fee.

› We don’t sell insurance

› We don’t impose gates or restrict your access to your money. Nor do we charge any redemption fees.

› We don’t invest your assets in hedge funds, private equity, non-traded REITS or other non-liquid, high-cost partnerships.

› We don’t hold your assets in a proprietary account. Your assets are held with large, reputable custodians such as Fidelity Investments, TD Ameritrade or Charles Schwab.

› We don’t use proprietary investment vehicles. All of your investments are made in transparent, regulated, liquid securities such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds and various cash instruments.

More About the Adviser Investments Difference

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A Wealth Team
Centered Around You

Our first—and most important—step is getting to know you. Your personal relationship team will work with you to develop a full understanding of your financial needs and goals—as well as your passions, values and aspirations.

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