Interest Rate Hikes: Almost Done?

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson visited Fox Business to discuss this week’s Fed meeting and what it may mean for interest rates. He continues to argue that the period of rate hikes is coming to an end, citing the direction inflation is trending and recent comments by Chairman Powell. Adam also explains why he doesn’t think we will see lower interest rates this year.

Tesla’s Earnings Report: “Better Than Feared”

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson joined Fox Business to discuss the recent Tesla earnings report and how it may be indicative of good things to come in the broader economy. He contextualized the report by juxtaposing investor expectations entering earnings season with data that has come out since, showing that earnings have been “better than feared” thus far.

Adam Johnson: Inflation Is Finally Starting to Turn

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson joined Fox Business to discuss this morning’s inflation numbers and how markets are responding. Adam says inflation is nearing a turning point and the markets may have begun to reflect that. He goes on to explain that the Fed should moderate their rate hikes as they get closer to their target.

Adam Johnson on the Future of Bitcoin

Adam Johnson joined Fox Business to discuss his list of potential surprises in 2023, including his analysis on the future of Bitcoin. He explains how a stable, Fed-backed coin tied to the dollar would legitimize the crypto market. Adam also suggests that this could act as a “pneumatic tube” for the 21st century by possibly making the international transfer of funds instantaneous and no longer reliant on each branch having equivalent capital on site.

Is Pessimism Peaking?

Adam Johnson visits Fox Business to analyze the options market and how it can be used to predict stock swings. He explains the difference between a put option and a call option, as well as how investors use the put-call ratio as an indicator. Adam further explains how a rise in put options has led him to be optimistic about a turnaround.

Adam Johnson: The Ghost of COVID Past

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson joined Fox Business to defend his bullish outlook in the face of this morning’s selloff. He explains the effects of what he describes as a “rolling angst” where investors are assuming the worst and investing accordingly. Adam also analyzes where people are spending post-pandemic and argues for an increased focus on dining and entertainment as a market indicator.

Adam Johnson: Are Companies Eating Costs to Protect the Consumer?

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson visits Fox Business to discuss a shift in how consumers are spending their money post-pandemic. He also brings up an intriguing debate on Wall Street about the relationship between producer price index (PPI) and consumer price index (CPI). Some investors have wondered if companies are absorbing costs in order to avoid the perception of price-gouging their customers.

Adam Johnson Checks His Optimism

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson joins Fox Business to discuss his perspective on the state of the markets. With his focus being on growth stocks, Adam is concerned about the Fed’s current level of influence. He also mentions why he hasn’t lost hope that the markets have yet to catch up to the Fed’s rate hikes, but also he needs to see progress before fully buying into that notion.

Adam Johnson on Redirecting Investor Focus

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson visits Fox Business to inject his trademark positivity into the market conversation. He cautions against a “crescendo of negativity” and advises investors to pay less attention to tangential indicators, like an inverted yield curve. Instead, his focus is on strong employment and robust consumer spending.



Adam Johnson Reacts to Jerome Powell’s Speech

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson joins Fox Business to react to Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s speech on the inflation and the Fed’s strategy going into the new year. He explains why he sees far more that he likes than dislikes and why he thinks the markets are beginning to make the turn. Adam also discusses how the lagging impact of the Fed’s rate hikes is still up in the air but that he felt confident after hearing Powell speak, especially in the context of record employment, earnings and consumer spending.

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