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Introducing Tim Clift

In our latest podcast, Adviser’s new chief investment officer, Tim Clift, sat down with Portfolio Manager Jeff DeMaso to discuss what trends Tim is seeing in the markets as we emerge from the bear cave of 2022, including the return of bonds, the resurgence of global equities and the role alternatives can …

[We may not see] huge double-digit returns in traditional asset classes over the next decade because we’ve had such a long run-up in a bull market…so you need to start thinking, ‘How can I diversify my portfolio a little bit more?'

Tim Clift

Chief Investment Officer

The One Number You Need

From smart watches that monitor our sleep to apps that track our spending and whereabouts, it can sometimes seem like there isn’t a single second of our day that is left unexamined. Often, though, we end up floundering in that sea of data when it comes time to make a decision, especially …

All About the Crypto Crash

What the heck is going on with crypto? The headlines have been inescapable since crypto broker FTX went down in flames. But what actually happened with FTX? Will its failure take down the rest of the crypto-sphere? And what, if anything, does it mean for your portfolio? Portfolio Manager Jeff DeMaso and …

Year-End Financial Planning: To-Dos For ‘22

When it comes to the markets, the past year has been a blur. But don’t let it slip away without taking a sharp look at your own year-end tax planning. There are several steps you can take now that will help soften the blow come April 15th. In this episode, Jeff …

Is This Bear Market Different?

The past few months have been a wild ride—but is this bumpy trip through a bear market finally coming to an end? Chairman Dan Wiener and Interim CIO Jeff DeMaso are here to talk through recent developments, including:
  • Can value continue to outperform growth?
  • Has this bear market been as bad …

Streamlining Your Assets

Life happens. You switch jobs, sell an old house, get hitched…and at each step along the way, your finances get a little more complicated, with new retirement plans, bank accounts and investment opportunities. Sometimes keeping it simple can make managing your finances a lot easier on you—and benefit your bottom line. In …

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The ETF Advantage

Benefits and Risks of Exchange-Traded Funds

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Leveraging Your Debts

Debt is bad, right? Not quite. Deployed at the right time and under the right terms, debt can be a powerful tool to smooth the ups and downs in your income stream and allow you to meet immediate needs while still building your wealth. In this episode, Andrew and Mike discuss how …

Inherited IRAs: What You Need To Know

IRAs are one of the best tools we have for both saving for your retirement and passing wealth on to your heirs. But maximizing the value of an inherited IRA—and avoiding the snares of the IRS—requires some know-how. Rules have changed in recent years, and Cathy Lee and Andrew Busa are here …

Fighting Inflation With Dividends

How do you turn your portfolio into a paycheck? That’s the question most retirees face, and dividends can be an important part of the answer. Charlie, Steve and Andrew talk about the challenges of generating a stable, income-producing portfolio in an inflationary environment and how you can manage those challenges, including:

Making the Most of Life Insurance

A successful financial plan is all about managing risk—especially planning for worst case scenarios. And what could be worse than the possibility that you won't be there to care for the people that need you most? In this episode, planners Andrew Busa and Adrian Baldeon discuss the ins and outs of life …

Cash Is Back—How Can You Make the Most of It?

Zero, or near enough. That’s how much you could expect to earn on your cash holdings for a decade-plus since the Great Financial Crisis. But now, with interest rates on the rise, cash is back—to earning. In this episode, Chairman Dan Wiener is joined by Jeff DeMaso and Andrew Busa to discuss …

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Making the Most of Your Charitable Giving

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When, Why and How To Use Employee Stock Purchase Plans

Stock options can be a great wealth-building tool—but only if they’re used right. In this, our third episode to tackle the intricacies of maximizing your options, Andrew Busa and Michael Dillaire discuss employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs). Topics include:
  • How, when and how much you can purchase through an ESPP
  • How …

Practical Steps to Beat the Bear

In markets like these, about the only thing most people feel like investing in is antacid. But in this episode of The Adviser You Can Talk To Podcast, Jeff DeMaso and Charlie Toole do have a few practical steps you can take to help protect your portfolio—and your peace of mind—from the …

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