Our Process

An Advisor You Can Talk To

1. Let's Chat

We begin with a conversation so that we can determine how to serve you best. We will look to understand what brought you to Adviser, your needs and expectations, and some basic information about your financial situation.

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2. Advisor Matching

After we learn more about you, we’ll match you with the ideal advisor for your unique circumstances. Your advisor will work with you to discover what’s important to you, your personal and financial goals, your risk comfort level and any other information relevant to crafting your custom-tailored wealth management plan.

3. Financial Planning

Together, we’ll develop a robust financial plan that addresses your current and future needs. Our aim is to enable you to live the life you intend to live, support and provide for your loved ones and be intentional about your legacy. This plan will guide and shape our investment approach.

4. Your Seal of Approval

Next, we’ll review our proposal with you to ensure that you understand and are satisfied with your strategy. We’ll consider the best way to allocate your assets to provide a risk-managed road map to your goals.

The Final Step:
Enjoy Peace of Mind

Moving forward, you can expect regular communication, timely reports and constant monitoring of both your portfolio and your progress towards your financial goals. We view your financial plan as a living, breathing document that can react to life events.